Alltel Superheroes: The Inside Scoop

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In response to a question about Chad and the superheroes (discussed in an earlier post),  Alltel responded as follows:

Thank you for your question. The actors in the spot are scale L.A. actors, not big celebrities, and the “superheroes” they portray are one we and our ad agency created, not famous ones you’ve seen in movies in comic books. Casting Oscar-winning actors in the roles of Batman or Wonder Woman would have broken the bank.


Behind the Scenes of the Oreo Fun Stix Commercial

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Here’s what all you readers have been looking for.   This is a behind the scenes look at the making of the Oreo Fun Stix commercial with Brandon the Oreo Elephant.    It is worth 3 minutes of your time to view the video.  (Click the Tag “Elephants” for this post and this will take you to a number of posts related to this one.)

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It’s Not Your Momma’s Paper Towel

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A nod to Advertising Age for calling our attention to the latest round in the battle of paper towel kings.   According to a post on Adage, it seems that “Procter & Gamble Co. filed suit May 8 against Georgia-Pacific in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati alleging bow-tie patterns in new-and-improved Brawny paper towels infringe the trademark bow-tie shapes in the quilts of P&G’s Bounty Extra Soft.”   Here’s a representation of the claimed pattern infringement from the Adage site:

Far be it from us to judge who is right in this battle.   All that concerns us is whether the paper towel will do its job.   (And by the way, none of the brands we have tried have ever sopped up as much mess in real life as those TV towels do in the commercials.   One towel for the whole kitchen?   Not hardly.)

Say it ain’t so, Cheeri-O

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You mean to tell me that, after consuming thousands of those delicious O’s in dozens of boxes of Cheerios, my cholesterol has not been helped?    Say it ain’t so, General Mills.   Please say it ain’t so.

Your government at work has decided that a food product such as Cheerios can’t make health claims because the product is not a drug and the claims have not been tested by government inspectors.   Well, now what is left for food product advertising if the manufacturers can’t say it is good for you?     Must the advertisers now resort to such mundane slogans as “Tastes G-r-e-a-t”.   (Sorry about that Tony the Tiger.)

Behold the Power of Oprah!

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Just mention the word “free” on the Oprah television show and the fans go frenetic.  Witness the chaos when Oprah offered coupons on her web site for a free meal featuring the new grilled chicken at KFC.    So  many people downloaded the coupons and showed up at a KFC in your neighborhood, that the chicken pluckers were overwhelmed and had to shut down the offer.

Now just what marketer in his right mind could fail to forsee what would happen when coupons are offered over the internet for a free meal and promoted by TV’s biggest star!     What should have been a marketing success turned into a public relations nightmare for KFC.

Call Now; Double the Offer!

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Call now and we’ll double the offer.  How many times have you heard that come-on planted at the end of a television infomercial.    The commercial below for the Topsy Turvy tomato planter is typical of so many advertisements adding a sense of urgency (“call now”) to induce the buyer’s attention.

In truth, we suspect that the doubling of the offer could be had at any hour of the day should you elect to call.   Moreover, we suspect the offering price of the original item is at least twice the real value of the item in the first place.   Thus, instead of getting one over-priced gimmicky item, you can have two, just for the added cost of shipping.


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hydroxycut Well, we don’t know whether all those claims of weight loss success with Hydroxycut are true or not (nothing for this commentator to experiment with) but if the government is to be believed, the drug can kill you. That is a heck of a way to lose weight.

The company has issued a “voluntary” recall of the drug based upon the FDA reports of death and serious injury resulting from the drug.

We wonder if this will curtail some of the great weight loss advertising on television or will spawn a whole new set of legal disclaimers.